VOICE 3.0 Online BETA

The VOICE CLARIAH team would like to thank everyone who participated in the beta phase and tested the pre-release version VOICE 3.0 Online BETA. Thank you very much for your feedback and valuable comments!

The VOICE CLARIAH beta phase ran between 23 April and 7 May 2021. It enabled VOICE Online users to test the new functions of the enhanced VOICE 3.0 Online interface in a BETA version, i.e. prior to its planned release in summer 2021. Participants in the beta phase were invited to test the new corpus tools featured in VOICE 3.0 Online and to complete an evaluation form to support the ongoing development of the new user interface in the VOICE CLARIAH project.

We will be implementing the final features and making last changes in the new VOICE web interface in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, the current version of VOICE 2.0 Online (including VOICE POS 2.0 Online) continues to be available at https://voice.acdh.oeaw.ac.at and https://voice.acdh.oeaw.ac.at/pos. We will be in touch again via the newsletter, once VOICE 3.0 Online is ready for its public release! If you wish to stay informed, sign up for our newsletter.

New features available for testing

Enhanced search functions

VOICE 3.0 Online BETA includes all search functions of the previous VOICE web interfaces. Additionally, new query options make it possible for VOICE users to search for select mark-up features for spoken language (e.g. pauses, laughter, overlaps, etc.). The new VOICE 3.0 interface merges the regular VOICE Online interface with the VOICE POS Online interface. This means that lexical searches and novel searches for conversational mark-up are now possible in combination with annotated POS and lemma tags in the same web interface.

Additional filter categories

VOICE 3.0 Online BETA offers new filter options for selecting speech events according to:

  • number of interactants
  • number of speakers
  • duration
  • number of words
  • speakers’ power relations
  • speakers’ level of acquaintedness
  • availability of audio file

These additional filters complement the original filter categories (domain & speech event type) and can now also be flexibly combined by corpus users.

New style options

VOICE 3.0 Online BETA enables improved customized viewing of search results and VOICE transcripts. In addition to previous ‘flexi style’ categories (e.g. overlaps, pauses, etc.), the new corpus tool allows online users to flexibly display the following new mark-up categories:

  • laughter (as separate category)
  • laughingly spoken
  • lengthening/intonation/emphasis
  • uncertain transcription.

Updated layout & structure

VOICE 3.0 Online BETA combines these new search, filter and style functions in an updated web interface. The enhanced frontend allows VOICE users to view search results and speech events side-by-side and to simultaneously open and smoothly navigate between multiple transcripts.

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