Project Team

The VOICE CLARIAH project is a co-operation between the the Austrian Centre of Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage (ACDH-CH) at the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) and Department of English and American Studies of the University of Vienna. The group of researchers working on the integration of VOICE into the CLARIAH-AT infrastructure and the development of the new VOICE Online web interface is committed to ensure the continued, updated, open-access and user-friendly availability of VOICE data for international scholars.

VOICE CLARIAH is a joint research undertaking in the field of digital humanities and corpus linguistics that brings together applied linguists, corpus linguists, computational linguists, ELF researchers, software developers, programmers and web designers. The following researchers contribute to the integration of VOICE at CLARIAH and the update of the system architecture behind the corpus:

Mag. Dr. Marie-Luise Pitzl, Priv.doz.

is an applied linguist and ELF scholar. She was centrally involved in the original team responsible for the compilation of VOICE (from 2005 to 2011). She initiated and acquired funding for the VOICE CLARIAH project, together with Daniel Schopper, to guarantee the continued availability of VOICE as an open-access online corpus for researchers. She leads the VOICE CLARIAH project, coordinates work in the team and mediates between institutions and different disciplinary perspectives. She contributes her extensive knowledge of VOICE data and of decisions taken during corpus building and guides the process of updating and enhancing the VOICE Online interface.

Mag. Daniel Schopper

runs the computational side of the VOICE CLARIAH project and contributes to the design of the new TEI model and the backend and frontend for the updated system architecture of the corpus. He manages digital workflows and coordinates all technical matters arising in the integration of VOICE into the CLARIAH infrastructure.

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Barbara Seidlhofer

… is the founding director of VOICE and launched the VOICE project in 2005. She contributes to the long-term availability of the corpus, completed in 2013, and supports the team with her applied linguistic expertise and knowledge of VOICE. She is involved in major decisions concerning enhanced facilities to be implemented in the new VOICE Online interface.

Hans Christian Breuer

develops the new frontend for VOICE CLARIAH. He ensures that the new VOICE Online interface remains as user-friendly as its original version, while implementing new navigation, search, filter and style functions that improve previous technologies.

Mag. Dr. Ruth Osimk-Teasdale

… is an applied linguist who was a team member of the VOICE Project from 2009-2013 and was substantially involved in creating the part-of-speech tagged and lemmatized versions of VOICE. She contributes her knowledge of corpus annotation for multilingual, spoken data and coordinates and performs tests to guarantee accuracy of newly implemented filter, style and search functions in the new VOICE Online interface. She also assists in project communication and administration.

Mag. Hannes Pirker

carries out technical modifications and tokenization of VOICE XML and VOICE POS XML to render them compatible with NoSketch Engine functionalities. He is engaged in converting XML data for an updated TEI structure behind VOICE CLARIAH and responsible for creating a new merged VOICE XML that integrates conversational corpus mark-up and part-of-speech information.

Mag. Stefanie Riegler

is responsible for documenting communication in the process of integrating VOICE into the CLARIAH infrastructure and developing the new VOICE Online interface. She supports the team in project organization and carries out smaller research tasks. She monitors the VOICE email account and is also particularly concerned with the online presence of the project (project website).

Mag. Omar Siam

contributes to devising the advanced backend for VOICE XML and the part-of-speech tagged version VOICE POS XML. He provides expertise on XML databases and the transformation of XML data for web technologies (e.g. via json) and is involved in ensuring full functionality of VOICE Online through NoSketch Engine technologies.

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